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  1. May 20

    DDC10840: RECORDS: Put up an “Almost Summer Listening List” on the site: The shop is FILLED with John Moreland jams…

  2. May 19

    DDC10839: HELL YEAH: Had Willy Vlautin in here this afternoon, scheming up stuff. Richmond Fontaine is still my VERY favorite Portland band.

  3. May 19

    DDC10838: PEACE, MAN: We worked with on this: All proceeds go to the :

  4. May 19

    DDC10837: MAKE THIS THING HAPPEN: Kick “REBOOT: München 1972 | Collected” in the start here: Otl Aicher, forever!

  5. May 19

    DDC10836: DDC HARDWARE IS ALIVE: Three weights! 100 languages! Ordinals! Fractions! Try it out here:

  6. May 19

    DDC10834: RT; : Hey , thanks for coming to Milwaukee! > Thanks for having me! Fun show!

  7. May 18

    DDC10833: PORTLAND: We’re doing a “Show & Tell” at PSU’s group next week! Open to the public! DDC merch table!

  8. May 18

    DDC10832: For Chris Cornell.

  9. May 17

    DDC10831: RT: : Lovers of design and typography check out how Aaron Draplin does custom type! > BAM!

  10. May 17
  11. May 17

    DDC10829: THAT BOOK IS STILL MOVING: Get a copy of “Pretty Much Everything” right here: 5th printing!

  12. May 17

    DDC10828: GRAND CANYONS OF APPRECIATION: To EVERY SINGLE PERSON who bought a , had me sign their copy and came to a show.

  13. May 17

    DDC10827: SOME BOOK ARITHMETIC: 256 pages. 55,000 words. 2 books tours. 80-ish shows. 25,000 miles in the van. 33,000 copies sold!

  14. May 17

    DDC10826: I THOUGHT IT WAS ONLY THE FOURTH PRINTING: I was wrong. Our little is in it’s FIFTH PRINTING! Holy shit.

  15. May 17

    DDC10825: ONE YEAR LATER: “Pretty Much Everything” came out on May 17, 2016. To date, 33,000 COPIES HAVE BEEN SOLD. Thank you!

  16. May 17

    DDC10824: LOSSS ANGGGELES, THISSS ISSS HAPPPENING: We’re doing a workshop & speaking fiasco at ! DDC merch table, too!

  17. May 17

    DDC10823: ORANGE COUNTY, WE’RE AIMING FOR YOU: We’re coming to tell the WHOLE STORY about our :

  18. May 17

    DDC10822: HURLING AWAY FROM EARTH: A gold-plated missive! I just VICIOUSLY backed my buddy ’s new project:

  19. May 13

    DDC10821: GOOD, GOOD, GOOD: Damn, it’s good to be home.

  20. May 13

    DDC10820: AND JUST FOR THE FUCKIN’ RECORD: Our little ? It’s in it’s FOURTH PRINTING. Came out 360 days ago! Thank you, big world!

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